first post of 2017 bringing news from past:

my album «medicina» was featured on a closer listen as one of the 20 best albums of 2016 (feel honoured of that!). big thanks to mathias + eilean team, stephan, gemma, family & friends for their support!

Medicina‘s haunted sounds are composed out of half-forgotten melodies and rusty orchestral compositions. They arrive from the 60’s and 70’s, but they sound much older than that: like some lost Disney picture from the 1940’s that was actually never released for fear of it being too dark. And, seemingly overnight, this kind of music disappeared, too; it never showed up in the record stores, never mind year-end lists. These easy sounds are lifted from muzak, but they’re more than that. As they’re looped and layered, they weave a darkly magical spell through its hundred-acre woodland of ambient. Sustainer (Barcelona’s Alex Alarcón) has created a record that is made all the stronger for its use of overlooked, lonely and undervalued elements. Remember, music is for life, not just for Christmas. At times as light as the hop of a bunny, it later drunkenly descends into a dark daze where its dreams morph into ink-stained nightmares that blot out the joy of the conscious mind, and the bright rays of an animated sun, its smiling face etched in pencil and ink, are slowly erased.
(James Catchpole)

«medicina» was also featured as one of the best ambient albums of the year at:

sounds of a tired city
stationary travels

i made another «mixtape«, this time for «núvol de fum» podcast. previously i made another one for the friends of «sounds of a tired city»

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